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Rangers handover recovered vehicles, valuables to real owners in Karachi

KARACHI: The Sindh Rangers on Wednesday handed over different vehicles, cellular phones and other valuables to their real owners during a ceremony in Karachi, said a spokes person.

The Rangers’ spokesperson said that the vehicles and valuable things were recovered from criminals during raids in different areas of city and added that these things were handed over to the real owners after complete investigations and legal formalities.

He said that a car, high-roof, five motorcycles, 28 cellular phones and other valuables were handed over to the real owners.

The citizens paid rich tribute to the Rangers for their efforts and scarifies for restoration of peace in the metropolis Karachi.

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Earlier, Sindh Rangers, on December 13, had  rounded up four persons involved in stealing and snatching motorbikes from different areas of Karachi.

The Sindh Rangers spokesperson had said the suspects had been arrested during separate raids in Malir 15 and Lyari areas.

The suspects, Noor Muhammed, Zaid Ali, Maaz Ali and Muhammed Raheem used to steal bikes from Malir, Sarjani, Landhi and commercial areas of the metropolis, he said.



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