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Rangers likely to file a case against Dr. Asim under PPO: sources

According to details, Rangers have completed legal consultation and a case against Dr. Asim Hussain is likely to be registered by the paramilitary force under the PPO.

Sources said that the case can be registered with the Counter-Terrorism Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and any federal law enforcement agency.

In case of lodging the case with any federal agency, the Sindh government will not be able to resist its proceedings.

Doing so, the case could also be run in special courts, instead of an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC).

Rangers have also decided to investigate the matter of excluding Dr. Hussain’s name from Ogra scandal case involving corruption worth billions of rupees and alleged forgery of its investigation report.

Sources privy to the matter told that the federation may ask Rangers to act under the PPO, which allows the paramilitary force to arrest and interrogate a suspect.



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