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Rangers’ raid Dr Asim’s hospital, detain administrative chief

According to ARY News, a contingent of Rangers raided the hospital in North Nazimabad and checked records of the hospital.

The Rangers officials asked questions from the hospital staff members and detained Dr. Yousuf Sattar, who is said to be the administration chief of the hospital.

Heavy contingent of Rangers was deployed on the entry and exit points of the hospital during the raid.

According to Rangers sources, the paramilitary agency raided the hospital in the light of the statement of Dr. Asim Hussain, a former petroleum minister and close aide of former president Asif Ali Zardari.

Earlier today, Rangers officials produced medical report of Dr Asim in Anti Terrorism Court (ATC).

The ATC had granted 90 days preventive cusoty of Dr Asim to Rangers who was arrested earlier this week under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The court had asked the Rangers to submit a report on the health condition of Dr Asim Hussain.

The medical report carried out by a doctor of the Rangers Hospital in North Nazimabad submitted by the agency’s law officer in the court. The report says that Dr Asim have no medical problems which need hospitalization. His sugar and blood pressure are at normal levels and there were no medical complications. The report also says that the medicines required to the detainee have been provided to him.



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