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Rangers recover arms and ammunition in raid in Lyari

KARACHI: Paramilitary Rangers in a raid in Lyari captured illegal arms and ammunition from a main-hole, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

A spokesman of Rangers in a statement said the paramilitary agency conducted raid in Dubai Chowk area of Lyari and recovered a bag of arms and ammunition from a main-hole.

The weapons were kept in the main-hole by the miscreants of Zahid Ladla gang, the spokesman stated.

The rangers found five hand grenades, four detonators, 1220 rounds of M4 rifle and 130 rounds of 8mm rifle, the spokesman further said.

Rangers and police had launched an operation in Karachi on September 5, 2013 following the directives of the then government in the wake of the rising incidents of terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and targeted killings.

The operation now in its sixth year, has improved the law and order situation in the city, which has become more peaceful during these years.

The paramilitary agency in a major raid at a house in Azizabad, Federal B Area, pointed out by the two arrested suspects, and recovered large quantity of arms and munitions.

According to spokesman of Rangers, 195 rifle grenades, 98 40mm grenades, 52 hand-grenades, 13 illuminate grenades, 19 Avan bombs, 11 RPG7 rockets, 49 safety fuses, 170 detonators, 17 kilo plastic explosives, two RPGs, one grenade launcher, 2MP5 six MG, five LMGs, one HMG and two snipers were among the captured munitions.



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