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Rangers deny proposal for trial of street criminals under anti-terrorism law

KARACHI: A spokesperson for the Pakistan Rangers, Sindh on Wednesday refuted a proposal attributed to its director general Maj Gen Muhammad Saeed that street criminals should be tried under anti-terrorism law.

On Dec 14, many dailies reported the Rangers chief having suggested that street criminals should be tried by anti-terrorism courts.

In a statement on Wednesday, the spokesperson dubbed the reports as negation of the facts.

The director general had suggested that only those cases of street crimes which involved murders should be sent to anti-terrorism courts for trial, he clarified.

He said this suggestion was floated in the previous meeting of Sindh Apex Committee and was under consideration of the Sindh government. It is the government which has to decide in this regard at the end of the day, he added.

The latest figures of street crimes compiled by the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) shows the incidents of theft/snatching of mobile and motorbike did not show any downward trend, questioning the effectiveness of security forces’ operations and crackdowns to rein in street crime.

The data shows 21700 motorcycles and 15599 mobile phones were stolen in the metropolis this year, whereas 1853 motorbikes and 11620 mobile phones were snatched.

Fifty-eight citizens registered complaints of extortion while 347 incidents of killing occurred in the city. Eight bank robberies also took place this year. Around 1294 citizens were deprived of their cars.

Earlier, the Rangers director general said that the heinous crimes such as targeted killings, extortion, kidnapping for ransion have shown significant decline in the city owing to the targeted operations.

However, he agreed that the menace of street crimes still posed a major challenge to the law enforcement agencies in the city.



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