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Rangers take command of anti-bandit operation in Ghotki Katcha area

A law enforcement operation has been underway in the border area between Sindh and Punjab provinces along Indus river for last one month.

The policemen from the two provinces were engaged in a joint operation against the bandit gangs of Sultu Shar and Chhotu Bakhrani.

Paramilitary force Shahbaz Rangers personnel have now taken the reins of the operation against the gangs of bandits operating in the area.

According to sources, the well armed rangers personnel have advanced in the difficult terrain and destroyed scores of safe hideouts of the bandits.

The rangers personnel fired mortar shells at the hideouts of the bandits in the difficult forest terrain.

Sector Commander Rangers Colonel Abdul Ghaffar talking to media persons here said that the paramilitary force will clean the riverine forrests from the gangs of bandits.

Police officials had earlier claimed that the terrorists and militants have also taken refuge with the bandit gangs in river forests along the Indus.

Indus riverine forests

The riverine forests in the province of Sindh and southern belt of Punjab have remain a hotbed of bandit gangs involved in kidnappings and other crimes on the both banks of the Indus River. These areas are inaccessible and virtually a no go area for police and other law enforcement agencies. So as, remain an ideal refuge for the outlaws and fugitives.



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