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Rangers take MQM zonal committee members into custody

Sohail Mashhaddi, Rafique Ajmeri and Raheel Faheem were arrested by the paramilitary force and the detained men were moved to an undisclosed location for interrogation.

Meanwhile, Rangers also raided a residence in Chetal Chari’s area and arrested a man, said to be a father of APMSO’s [MQM student wing organization] worker.

Later, the security personnel also raided a place of former APMSO in-charge Amir Khanzada but he was not at home. The Rangers then arrived on his brother’s residence on suspicion of Khanzada’s presence, but to no avail.

The raids on MQM offices and workers residence intensified after Rangers action on the party in March 11, 2015 raid at Nine Zero.

The paramilitary force recovered weapons and arrested suspects wanted for several crimes.

Although MQM members have been arrested before, there has not been an incursion into the party’s heavily defended headquarters since the military raided it in 1992.


Karachi is home to many criminal gangs and Islamist militants also operate there. Many political parties there have armed wings that fight turf wars with opponents.




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