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Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor's roast stirs controversy

The trio has taken part in a roast organized by a Youtube channel by the name of AIB. In essence, a roast is an event where a guest of honor is made fun of in front of an audience. The person who gets made fun of is supposed to take the jokes in stride and accept them as a unique way of honoring him rather than getting annoyed by them. The person hosting the roast is known as the roastmaster and anyone who is honored in such a way is known as getting roasted.

Actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor were roasted in India’s first ever roast organized by AIB in which Karan Johar was the roastmaster. As the theme of the show goes, the roast contained offensive language as well as insulting remarks for a host of actresses. Arjun Kapoor’s ex-girlfriend and actor Salman Khan’s sister Arpita.

Other actresses who were made fun of and pummeled in the roast were Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi SInha and Anushka Sharma however did not make a fuss about it at all. Deepika, Sonakshi and Anushka complimented the actors and their roast gig on Twitter whereas Alia Bhatt took the liberty of sharing some links of the roast as well.

The roast has sparked controversy and a heated debate over Twitter. Whilst some people have welcomed the humor and the offensive jokes as part and parcel of the showbiz, others have protested against the content of the roast. Those condemning the roast were of the view that this new trend was not part of the Indian society as a whole and did much to malign the character of Indian women.

Lets hope all ends well for all involved in the controversy and a few offensive jokes here and there should not be taken to heart!



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