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Rape victim talked to accused over telephone after registration of FIR: investigators

KARACHI: The investigators have revealed that the ‘gang-rape victim’ had allegedly talked to the accused over the telephone after the registration of a police complaint, ARY News reported.

The investigation officials made further revelations in the after the emergence of a CCTV footage which showed the 22-year-old woman coming out of the vehicle while holding a shopping bag.

It emerged that the alleged rape victim and the accused talked on the telephonic despite registration of the First Information Report (FIR). Moreover, the medical report has not confirmed the rape of the woman.

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Sources privy to the development said that investigators also found out that the prime accused in the alleged abduction and gang-rape case is a son of a late politician from Jacobabad.

The development came after the emergence of a CCTV footage which suggested she voluntarily hopped in the suspects’ car.

Police had revealed that the girl knew the suspects beforehand and was already in contact with them It, in fact, added that the girl also made contact with the suspects after the incident. It is contrary to her earlier statement to the Clifton Police in which she alleged that she was kidnapped by unknown men.

The footage recovered from CCTV cameras suggest that the girl was not unconscious when released from the alleged custody of her abductors, however, her statement to the police claimed she was not conscious.

Moreover, the time stamp on the CCTV footage suggests she was taken by the car at 09:46 and was later dropped near the shopping centre entrance by 10:44

According to the new development in the ongoing investigations, the girl’s initial statement also contradicted the medical report, police said, to which the suspicion has arisen that the case may be of friendship.

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The police said that the statements from alleged perpetrators are of key importance in the case especially after the discrepancies in the victim’s statements and the available evidence.

Police said that their multiple raids to arrest the suspects failed as the latter escaped. However, it could take the accounts from the eye-witnesses in the case.

The police, however, said that it is still investigating the incident and probing whether the girl voluntarily tagged along with the suspects or was abducted against her will.



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