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Rare humpback whale sighted near Karachi again

KARACHI: Local Fishermen have reported rare sighting of a bunch of humpback whales off the Karachi coast.

World Wildlife Fund for Nature Pakistan-(WWF-P) has released video of Arabian Sea humpback whales spotted off the Karachi coast.

The rare sea mammals were also sighted two weeks ago in the sea.

WWF-P sources said that some fishermen had witnessed five whales nearly 57 nautical miles distance from Karachi coast.

The humpback whale is an endangered specie with rapidly dwindling population. The endangered whale facing grave danger of extinction, experts said.

Following a review process that started in 2009 and was finalized in September 2016, the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that five populations of humpback whales have shown very little signs of increase toward recovery, and are still listed as Endangered or Threatened.

The Arabian Sea population of humpback whale is the smallest, most distinct, and most at risk. Its range is believed to extend from the coasts of Yemen and Oman in the west to Iran, Pakistan and India in the east.



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