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Rasheed accuses Khan of pursuing politics of 'anarchy'

Addressing a press conference here, Pervez Rasheed blasted the PTI chairman through his back-to-back taunts and allegations.

He said, “Khan has lost his memory and this he admitted before the election tribunal yesterday by saying that he no longer remembers the happenings of the Elections 2013.”

He added that the skipper himself is the greatest hurdle in the way of formation of a judicial commission to investigate the rigging of elections.

Rasheed said that the PTI chairman is adamant not to accept the electoral results and if the commission after its findings announced a verdict against him, Imran Khan will refuse to accept that as well.

He said that Imran also forgot that he had taken the oath after being elected as an MNA and he had felicitated the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq too.

The minister questioned the PTI chairman if the constituencies he demanded were not opened, then what for is he appearing before the tribunals.

“Previously the PTI chief used to ask for opening the constituencies, yet today he is demanding for opening the vote bags”, said Rasheed.

“Khan is repeatedly changing his stance and whatever vote bag was opened, it will expose the lies of the PTI chairman.”

Moreover, he said that the entire world acknowledged the elections in 2013 as free and fair, while there were 50,000 observers and none of them supported Khan’s accusations.



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