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Rasheed advises Imran to first realize his position then challenge PM Sharif

In a statement issued today, the minister said every serious man is reluctant to get the PTI ticket and mocked Imran Khan for not even having candidates to contest the by-elections in the two constituencies – NA-122 Lahore and NA-154 Lodhran.

He stated that only daily-wage or unemployed politicians can dare contesting the by-polls on PTI ticket.

“Imran always targeted development of Lahore and now he is trying to run away from the by-election,” Rasheed said. “How would he now ask the Lahore populace to vote in his favor?”

He advised Imran Khan ‘to first realize his position and then to challenge PM Sharif’, adding that Nawaz Sharif became prime minister for the third time, while the PTI chief could hardly win the seat of an MNA thrice.



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