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Rasheed mocks Imran for failing to provide rigging evidences

He was talking to media here on the occasion of a pictorial exhibition with respect to Peshawar school attack.

Pervez Rasheed said that Imran Khan failed to produce any evidence substantiating irregularities in elections including the audio tape he claimed.

“Khan could not even present the tube which had 35 punctures and now he is talking of a man Pappu, who manipulated the results according to him,” mocked the minister. “Everyone is looking for the very man.”

Commenting on terrorism, he said that either it is an internal conspiracy or external, it will be dealt with iron-handedly.

Rasheed while speaking about Pakistan China Economic Corridor (PCEC) said that it does not belong to a single province, but to the entire country and there was no change made in its route.

“PCEC route touches all the four provinces, while politics of allegations will lead to nothing but chaos,” he added.




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