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Rasheed slams Imran for “budging stance” on rigging

Talking to media here, Pervez Rasheed slammed the PTI chairman, saying Imran claims he has all evidences of rigging, while on the other hand he says rigging proofs were inside the ballot boxes.

“How long Khan Sahib will continue misleading the nation,” he asked.

“If the rigging evidences were lying within the vote bags, then what was PTI chairman collecting for past several months,” he castigated.

“Khan had to face humiliation after the vote bags of NA-122 were opened,” reminded the minister. “PTI chairman has lost his credibility with concocted claims against the ruling government.”

Speaking about rainstorm in KP and subsequent casualties, Rasheed said people are dying in the province and questioned what the PTI chief is doing in Islamabad.



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