Rashid slams Imran over "unfounded" claims of rigging

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervez Rashid has rejected claims of Imran  Khan that over 34,000 bogus votes were found during recounting in NA-122 and asked the PTI chief to ‘practise speaking truth’, ARY News reported.

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Imran has become strategic partner of terrorists, he said while speaking at a press conference outside Parliament House in Islamabad.

“I challenge Imran Khan to show word ‘bogus’ in the commission report that probed votes in NA-122. We will concede defeat and Imran wins subsequently,” said the minister.

I would, he said, personally ask for resignation from NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq if recounting result in NA-122 found bogus votes.

Rashid rejects Imran’s claim of bogus votes by arynews

He lashed out at Imran, saying “Mr. Khan wanted to shut Pakistan on the day when barbaric Peshawar school attack occurred.”

Rashid added, “If any of the ballot paper was found printed by any authority other than the Election Commission, then we concede defeat and Imran wins.”

He said according to commission report “Imran has again lost the elections.”

He asked, “When Imran would stop misleading and provoking the nation.” Rashid said recounting of votes in NA-122 had even found increased votes of Ayaz Sadiq.

The minister Imran Khan was continuously trying to mislead people through his ‘unfounded claims’.

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Rashid slams Imran over "unfounded" claims of rigging

by Azhar Khan