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Raveena Tandon to star as Benazir Bhutto?

It seems like the role of portraying slain Pakistani ex Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has landed into Miss Tandon’s hands.

If the latest buzz in B-town is to be believed, Raveena will be seen on the big screen playing the charismatic Benazir in an upcoming movie, which is yet to be titled. Not only that, the actress seems to have her eyes on each and every detail for the film. According to an unnamed source, “A couple of days ago, Raveena had a meeting with the scriptwriter and he narrated the subject to her. She has read the script and liked it too. It is a powerful character and she is keen to take it up.”

Benazir Bhutto was the most popular political personality in Pakistan and an international icon when she was assassinated in a gun and bomb attack on 27th December 2007. Following her assassination, Pakistan suffered one of the worst riots in history and the country remained paralyzed for almost three days. Bhutto’s riveting personality and the fact that she was the first Muslim female Prime Minister, etched her name in history.

Raveena Tandon will most likely play Benazir and claim to highlight the constant struggle she underwent throughout her life. Benazir’s father was hanged in a murder case which was widely perceived as politically motivated and false. Tragedy struck her again when her younger brother Shahnawaz was poisoned and if that wasn’t enough, another sibling of hers, Mir Murtaza Bhutto, was riddled with bullets by the police during her tenure as PM.

Raveena Tandon used to be the face of Bollywood actresses back in the 90s with hit films such as Dilwale, Mohra and Khiladiyon ka Khiladi. Let’s hope the actress does a good job in living the character of Benazir onscreen. The role won’t be a cakewalk so we expect the actress finds a renowned director and an experienced producer!



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