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Policeman shoots fellow cop while catching a criminal in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: A police officer ‘accidentally’ shot his own colleague while trying to catch a fleeing bike snatcher in Rawalpindi on Friday night.

The cops had caught two bike snatchers in Rawalpindi and also recovered a bike. While police was frog-marching the snatchers with them, one of the culprits dragged the bike forward and switched it on before fleeing.

In an attempt to stop the escaping snatcher, police officer opened fire on the mugger but the shot hit one of the cops who was trying to collar the thief. Resultantly, the culprit sped away, while the officer was left on the ground with a bullet wound.


Police began search afterwards to arrest the criminal who escaped stranglehold of the law enforcers.

The entire episode was shot on mobile phone by a citizen.

On Sep 10, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar had paid a surprise visit to the offices of police and administrative officers at district courts.

He warned government officers to change their attitude as norms have changed now and therefore, the government officers and other employees should also mend their ways.

The Punjab chief minister expressed his strong indignation over absence of Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Dr Umar Jehangir, Additional Deputy Commissioner Mian Behzad Adil, City Assistant Commissioner Naeem Afzal, Saddar AC Umar Iftikhar Sherazi, registry registrar, superintendent and other administrative officers and staff members.

He said that no leniency on part of government officers and staff will be tolerated in discharging of duties. The sole female officer ADC Rawalpindi Maliha Jamal who was present on duty briefed the Punjab CM. On the inquiry of CM, she informed that officers are away from their offices for the monitoring of anti-dengue campaign.



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