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Sheikh Rasheed evades arrest to reach Committee Chowk Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, the chief of the Awami Muslim League overcome police barriers and evaded arrest to make a dramatic arrival at the Committee Chowk on a motorcycle. 

Protesters  from AML and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) locked horns and clashed with Police and law enforcement personnel at the venue of a proposed protest rally

Police used tear gas and batons to push back the advancing protesters during the incident. The Committee Chowk turned into a battleground as stick-wielding protests clashed and even hurled stones at police officers.

During hide and seek between policemen and the political workers at the public place the women and children suffered mostly due to the intense tear gas shelling by the policemen. Committee Chowk is located near Lal Haveli residence of AML chief Sheikh Rashid in Rawalpindi.

Sheikh Rashid’s arrival

Sheikh Rashid, who had earlier said that he would reach to the venue of the rally at any cost, arrived at Committee Chowk with an stunning entry on a motorcycle.

Addressing the police, Rashid said “if you people have courage, arrest me here”.

He also said that over 400 people have been taken into custody by the law enforcement personnel. Rashid later left the area on the motorbike.

Earlier, the AML chief in his tweet challenged the government to arrest him if they could.

Rashid, while speaking to ARY News, said that the Lal Haveli has become headquarter of containers. He called on the government to remove the containers. “Helicopters are flying over the Lal Haveli, am I a RAW agent,” he questioned.



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