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Haroon subjects MQM to veiled criticism over ‘public mandate’

Talking to media here, Haroon reacted to statements by MQM leader Farooq Sattar, saying we would not like to comment on Sattar’s remarks as he was very innocent and kind person.

When asked by a journalist to comment on MQM’s claims of giving good news on party rally on March 18, Haroon said that party must give good news everyday given the mandate they claim to have.

It [our party] will be a new addition to Pakistani democracy and history. It will be an addition to new approach and thinking, he said while talking to media here.

Haroon said his party was targeting 200 million people of Pakistan.

We would like Pakistanis to come and listen to us. He requested media persons to forgive them for minor mistakes.” We are humans and we can also make mistakes,” he added.

He thanked people for sending their emails to [email protected] (Akr = App Ki Raye) to show support to the party.



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