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Rec Room open beta to launch on PlayStation VR

Rec Room, the virtual reality social club where you play active games with friends from all around the world, will be launched in open beta on Playstation VR on November 21.

Shawn Whiting, Community Designer at Against Gravity, makers of Rec Room, made the announcement on the official PlayStation Blog saying that they received an incredible response from the community after launching Rec Room PS VR closed beta last month.

Therefore, in order to include as many people as possible in the beta they have decided to launch in open beta on November 21. Both the open beta and full release will be free and feature cross platform play.

Rec Room is a virtual reality social club where you can play games with friends from all around the world. Players can customise their appearance, then party up to play multiplayer games like Paintball, 3D Charades, and even co-op adventures or just hang out in The Lounge.

They have also created an exclusive paintball burst rifle skin for PlayStation Plus members, although Rec Room does not require PlayStation Plus to play.

Players who launch Rec Room for the first time will start in the dorm room where they can create and stylize their avatar. From there players can head out into the Rec Center to interact with players from around the world or go straight into one of the many activities.

Rec Room features paintball, epic co-op quests and adventures, disc golf, charades, and more. Players who are more creative can check out the maker pen, sandbox machine, and custom rooms which allow them to host their own private instance of any Rec Room activity.

Players can enable sandbox mode to decorate their space, create minigames, or host events. Whiting said they are always expanding the suite of creative tools and are looking forward to seeing what the PS VR community creates.

He said that one of the core principles at Against Gravity is to learn by trying new things and listening to the players. Along with hanging out in-game and monitoring all of our forums and social channels, they hold a developer Q&A event in the Rec Room theatre every two weeks, where the most common question is on when and where the next quest will be held.

Rec Room quests are challenging co-op adventures where up to four players must defeat a series of monsters, puzzles, and other challenges as a team.

Whiting also announced they would show a piece of concept art for the next quest they’re working on and this pirate-themed quest is expected to go live in early 2018.



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