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Record-breaking Norway out of Olympic golden shoes

OSLO: Norway might have won the most medals of any country ever at a Winter Olympics but it has come at a cost — they have run out of commemorative, gold-coloured shoes.

The Scandinavians were sitting pretty at the top of the medals table on Saturday, the penultimate day of the Pyeongchang Games, with a record 38 medals, 13 of them gold.

That betters the previous record of 37 won by the USA at Vancouver 2010.

But their gold rush has created a problem — albeit a nice one.

On Monday, Norway ran out of the eye-catching gold-coloured shoes that its triumphant athletes sport at medal ceremonies.

“After the men’s team event in ski jumping we ran out of stock,” said Nils Roine, chief communications officer of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

“There alone another four pairs were handed out and with gold medals in both the men’s and the ladies’ cross-country relays, the shoes were ripped away.”

Roine said the Norwegian team in South Korea had surpassed all expectations.

“Our ambition was 30 medals in total, but no number was set for gold medals. We will anyhow do our best to provide our athletes with shoes if they win more,” Roine said.



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