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Record soaring total loans of $11.4 billion Pakistan acquired in FY18

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s loan borrowing strikes at sky level during FY18 at $11.4 billion due to increasing liabilities, resulting in diminished foreign exchange reserves and more reliance on the peripheral creditors.

According to Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Pakistan has obtained a loan of total $11.4 billion during FY18, also inclusive of $500 million by China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE).

The provision of cash provided by SAFE, China in the month of June 2018 was to curtail the turn down in  foreign exchange reserves.

In FY17, Pakistan took loan of about $10.1 billion and in FY18 the amount has augmented to $11.4 billion, which is utmost since Pakistan’s independence in 1947.

About $4.5 billion of external borrowing was taken from China, including $2.2 billion in commercial loans, $1.8 billion in the name of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and $500 million in SAFE deposit.

The loans acquired in the ongoing FY18 is of $11.4 billion are 3.7% higher than the government’s protrusion, that was kept before parliament in June 2017.

Alongside projections of $1.55 billion, the former PML-N government attained a confounding $3.7 billion in foreign commercial loans during FY18.

The general eccentric borrowing during FY18 touched at $6.7 billion consisting $2.5 billion elevated by autonomous bond float, equivalent 58.8% of total external loans.

In FY18, bilateral loans were only $1.9 billion, out of which $1.78 billion were endowed by China. However, Japan presented $65.8 million during FY18 comparatively to last year.

World Bank (WB) & Islamic Development Bank (IDB) granted loan of $768 million and $1.04 billion respectively, it comprises of 66% of annual projections. China loans, IDB and foreign commercial banks comprises of 70.6% of total loans.



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