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Police help Karachi musician recover stolen piano

KARACHI: Police in the metropolitan have strangely resolved on Monday a two-month-old burglary case where suspects robbed a musician off of his piano from a music shop, ARY News reported.

The Gabol Town Police have helped the aggrieved musician reclaim his piano which about two months ago the suspects robbed from a shop flaunting their guns.

However, the police have recovered the piano now and returned it to the victim, according to the available details on the matter.

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Separately for the criminal cases in Karachi, as the Police interrogate suspects related to the assassination of Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam school founder’s grandson Zain Effendi, the recovery of the murder weapon and the vehicle used have yet to be materialized.

Police say they have detained a total of six suspects three of whom belong to the gang allegedly behind the murder. They although admitted that three more from that gang are still on the run as police raided places.

However, it has yet to get the hold of the murder weapon and the vehicle suspects used in the crime.

Police added the family of Effendi has not identified the suspects arrested today but said that the arrested ones have nevertheless given police new clues to narrow down on remaining suspects.



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