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Recrimination continues as MQM hits back again at PPP

Addressing a press conference at party headquarters in Nine-Zero, he said appeals by the PPP to ignore Khursheed Shah’s statement after his apology are not acceptable.

“We condemned the maltreatment to Bilawal in London by a group in Kashmir million march.”

He said MQM never initiated to indulge in mud-slinging and criticism. He said Aitzaz tried to confuse religion with politics. He suggested Aitzaz to first advice his party leadership than Altaf Hussain.

The MQM leader that his party had largely favored the PPP in the past, even in hard testing times. But seems that PPP has forgotten all those favors by the MQM, he added.

He told that MQM gave PPP the free hand to conduct its rally in Karachi on October 18.



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