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Red warrant for Lyari's Sheraz Comrade soon

According to details, Sindh government has sent the required information to Interior Ministry for the issuance of arrest warrants for Lyari gang war leader Sheraz Comrade.

The gangster reportedly hiding in Muscat is wanted in a number of criminal cases including extortion, murder and kidnapping for ransom.

Sources say that the red warrant for the arrest of gangster will be issued soon.Efforts to bring Sheraz Comrade back to Pakistan will follow after the issuance of warrant.

It must be noted that Rangers on February 1, 2015 claimed that Sheraz alias Comrade was killed with four other criminals in an encounter with law enforcement personnel in Karachi.

The claim was later proven wrong as the one killed was some Sheraz Comrade junior.

Sindh police has already sent a small contingent of police to United Arab Emirates  for the arrest of another character of Lyari gang war Uzair Baloch.

Latest reports suggest that there are only some legal hurdles baring the arrest of Baloch and he will be handed over to Pakistani Mission once all legal formalities are completed.



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