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Reduction in cost for endorsement in commercials: Kareena

Kareena Kapoor has signed a three crores endorsement commercial, which is of less than her standard fee.

The actress will be seen in a green tea brand of a renowned Indian company.

"Kareena was in talks with the company for few weeks and asked for R3 crore for it. The company agreed to her demands and they have just closed the deal,” a source revealed to media.

Kapoor reportedly slashed her fee from four to three crores to appear in the TV commercial. However some sources claim her fee varies according to the product.

“Kareena hasn’t cut down her fees; it just so happens that her fees vary depending on the product. She is known for endorsing products she believes in and since she is fully aware of the health benefits of green tea, the fitness-conscious actress was happy to come on board,” a source told media.



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