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Reham expects good contest in NA-246 by-polls

Reham expressed her happiness at the zealous attitude of PTI’s party workers and felt elated at the nice treatment meted out to her on ground as well as on social media. Reham further said that she was here to support Imran Ismail in his bid to get elected at NA 246. She stated that party workers had displayed her love, affection in a warm way, similar to Karachi’s current warm temperature.

Responding to a question regarding Altaf Hussain’s offer of jewelry as a welcome gift to her, she responded:-

“In my opinion, the real jewels are my brothers in NA 246 and our party supporters. I’d like to say thanks but I have no such longing for worldly items.”

Reham also spoke at length about PTI’s prospects in the upcoming elections and showed confidence in the party for the upcoming election.

“Change has arrived, as you can see. First Altaf Hussain’s tone was very harsh, now it has softened down and he has issued invitations and offered gifts. In my opinion, it is going to be a good contest and I believe Imran Ismail is the true representative of the people.”

Reham maintained that she was here to support Imran Khan as his wife just as he supported her whenever she needed him to. In response to a question as to how she felt at being called bhabi, Reham responded:-

“I always feel great at being referred to as bhabi. Ever since my marriage, I feel like a national bhabi and I always feel pride and happiness at being referred to as such.”

Before Khan wrapped up her conversation, she also stated that gone were the days when a single political party could claim Azizabad as its political fortress. In her opinion, Imran Ismail was the rightful representative of NA 246 and come election day, voters would turn up in favor of PTI.

“Azizabad used to be MQM’s political fortress but not anymore. Times have changed now.”



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