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Reham Khan to produce Pashto film!

Reham might be joining hands with two local production houses IRK Films and Tiger Entertainment to produce a Pashto film based on legend Pashto poet Khushal Khan Khattak. Though Reham is yet to confirm the news, yet her recent tweets have been indicative of her intent to produce the film as one of her tweets was:-

Not only that, Reham aims to further try her hand at producing another film, an Urdu comedy movie. According to a statement from Babar Sheikh, the managing partner of Tiger Entertainment, Reham told him , “Film is the only medium through which we can portray the real image of our society to the world.” According to Babar, Reham also stated, “Our aim is to remove all the misconceptions about Pashtuns in society through a light, comedy Pashto film.”
Babar Sheikh also gave away the fact that whilst the Pushto movie does not yet have a director, Azfar Jafri has been chosen to direct the Urdu comedy film. The news of Azfar’s selection was also duly confirmed by him and it was also revealed that the film is currently in pre-production stage and yet to be filmed.
Reham Khan used to report the weather for BBC before she established herself as a news anchor and journalist in Pakistan. Her marriage to cricketer-turned-politician PTI chief Imran Khan also elevated her fame considerably. It will be interesting to see how far she goes in properly representing Pakistan and demonstrating the Pashto culture with finesse.



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