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The crime has already been proven, what’s the use of a judicial inquiry, asks Reham Khan

Reham Khan arrived at Kasur in order to show sympathy and solidarity for the children who had been abused in the Kasur child abuse scandal. Reham Khan also met with the parents of the victims and also spoke with media personnel.

“Let’s not politicize this issue,” said Reham Khan. “We need to understand the grief of the parents of the abused children, at the moment.”

Commenting on Rana Sanaullah’s non-serious statement on the issue, Reham said “He doesn’t even remember the Minhaj-ul-Quran incident. Politicians such as him have been given undue importance.”

Reham Khan also questioned the need for a judicial inquiry, when the confessions had been obtained and the videos had also been recovered. Reham Khan also had a message for Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

“Instead of going to Kasur, punish those responsible severely. In this regard, PTI and all other political parties have to fulfill their roles responsibly.”



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