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Reham Khan in tell-all interview about Imran, marriage and kids

Pakistan’s renowned talk show host Reham Khan recently had a candid chat with an Indian magazine where much was revealed about her married life. When asked as to how Imran is like at home, Mrs.Imran Khan revealed that the cricketer-turned politician was a simple human being ‘who¬†doesn’t even get cooked porridge!’ Reham also further revealed that the PTI chief was, contrary to popular belief, not an arrogant celebrity but was typically down to earth.

‘He’s very forgiving and if someone makes a mistake, he overlooks it at once. Especially our employees. One would think he’s an arrogant celebrity, but he’s extremely down-to-earth.’

When it came to her children, Reham did not shy away from providing details about how she goes about parenting her children. Stating that she encourages an open, candid environment in the house, Reham revealed that she wasn’t a rigid parent to her kids and allowed her children the luxury of listening to loud music in the house.

Kaptaan Khan’s wife was all praise for the man and stated that he was an extremely sensitive and caring person, especially for his children. She also stated that Imran was a kind step-father and she often told her children to be like the man that he was. She also recalled how the wedding day had been, stating that she had chosen Imran’s outfit and the fact that she is colorblind.

‘Imran can’t stand uncomfortable clothes; all he wanted to do was–photo khenchain aur main khane pe baithoon. It was a very lovely day spent with my family, children, dogs.’

In a bid to highlight the Pashtun culture in a befitting way and get rid of all the negative stereotypes associated with Pakhtoons, Reham stated that she was producing two upcoming films. One was based on the renowned Pashtun poet Khushal Khan Khattak and the other was a light, romantic comedy film.

In the same interview, Reham also mentioned her favorite dishes. ‘Sushi is my favourite but I like pizza as well. In fact, I can’t live without pizza. I cook a lot and I love trying out new desserts. I make a number of wicked puddings, including tiramisu.’

The national bhabi (as she is often referred to) also revealed that every morning after his jog, Imran presents his new wife with roses. And he also knows how to pick the very best of them! ‘I told Imran that my father used to bring flowers for my mother every day when he went for a jog. Imran brings me flowers every day after his morning run. I don’t need jewellery; Imran picks the best roses for me from our garden.’







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