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Reham Khan says paid Rs 335,000 in tax — documents cite occupation as ‘House Lady’

Wife of PTI chief Imran Khan, Reham Khan, has paid Rs 335,000 in tax in 2012-13, she said today in a rejoined to the Federal Board of Revenue. The PTI also released an image of her tax return filed with the FBR — this is dated May 13, 2015.

Reham Khan’s tax return — as shown on the PTI website


The FBR registration website shows Ms Khan has having applied for a National Tax Number on April 21, 2015, which, incidentally, is right after media reports emerged that she had never paid tax on her income earned in Pakistan, working for various TV channels as an anchorperson. The document’s also describe her “principal activity” (which is filled by applicants themselves) as ‘House Lady’.


A screengrad of Reham Khan’s taxpayer registration details from the FBR’s website





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