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Reham Khan in tell-all interview on married life with Imran Khan

In an interview to UK Paper Sunday Times, Reham opened up against her ex-husband and said Khan didn’t like kids. She claimed that she and her three children were forced to stay inside a room.

She expressed her dismay for not being defended in the face of allegations by certain quarters and the media. She added that she was accused of poisoning her former spouse with poison, being a British spy and hitting her ex-husband.

She added that she is not entitled to anything as her marriage was not registered in Pakistan or the United Kingdom.

Reham said Imran’s were not happy with her marriage.  She said their marriage was registered nowhere.

Reham Khan said that her former husband’s sisters were not happy with their brother’s wife and thought that she was not good enough for him.

She also said that Imran Khan was not romantic. She added that her former husband did not gift her anything during the marriage.

She said that his house was in a dreadful condition and was moth-eaten.

Reham Khan also mentioned that there was no house keeper in the house. Only a kitchen boy and a caretaker were employed in the house.

“Imran did not care how he looked when he stepped out of the house. I bought him a new wardrobe which he was quite happy with”, she said.

“I introduced him to things like deodorants, creams and shampoos”, she added.

Reham added that PTI leaders had issues with her working for the party.

“I was specifically told by a senior party adviser they basically wanted me to be in the kitchen, to be cooking chapatis and not to be ever seen again”, she claimed.

The journalist added that her former husband is lonely and does not have any friends.

Meanwhile, Reham on Saturday took to Twitter and criticized media for the role it played in defaming her.

“For over a year, everyone watched quietly when the media was used to malign me,” Reham said in her tweet. “No one defended me & I was told to ignore it.”

She regretted that nobody came to her defence, instead she was asked to ignore it.



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