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Reham urges Karachi women to vote for PTI

Speaking at a press conference at Karachi airport together with her husband, Reham Khan said that she received profound love by the people during her visit to the metropolis.

Reham said that she was pleased to be named as ‘national bhabhi’.


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When asked about not accepting the gift of a jewellery set by the MQM leadership, the lady said that for a woman her husband is her ornament and there could be nothing greater than an exceptional husband as ‘Khan Sahib’.

Speaking about today’s visit, she said that Imran Khan himself set an example for the people to encourage women to actively participate in politics.

Reham Khan appealed all the women in Karachi to come out on April 23 along with their husbands, brothers and sons, and to vote for PTI candidate Imran Ismail in the by-election in NA-246.



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