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Relatives of Lahore lynching victim appear on ARY News

Sister of Hafiz Naeem told ARY News anchor Kashif Abbasi that Naeem went to satisfy a customer’s demand in Youhanabad and carried a piece of glass with him  where after the blast, he was beaten to death by the angry protesters.

The sister of ill-fated Naeem said that none is paying heed to our cries as we are asking for proofs that whether Naeem is dead or alive.

It was revealed that they have no proofs whether Naeem is living or was burnt to death.

She told Abbasi that he was the only brother of the six sisters and was a Hafiz-e-Quran (one who memorises Muslim Holy Book ‘The Quran’) while clarifying that Naeem’s National Identity Card (NIC) was provided to them by the people.

“They also found his inch tape and pieces of shattered glass”, the sister said.

She revealed that the family did not even saw dead body of the lynching victim while demanding from the government to tell about her brother’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

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