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Relief goods distributed among flood victims in Chitral

On behalf of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, relief good consisting of non-food items such as tents and blankets were distributed among the flood-affected people of Ursoon.

People in the area protested that the rehabilitation work in their area was still not completed since the flood hit Ursoon on July 2.

It was difficult to understand that why locals in the area were deprived of even portable drinking water following the flood, they said.

Roads, as well as irrigation channels in the area, were washed away during floods while one of the main roads in Ursoon has been blocked due to a landslide.

Ursoon is an underdeveloped area of Chitral, where people do not even have basic education and health facilities.

The locals have demanded authorities to constructs roads, facilitate them with clean drinking water, and improve the irrigation system besides creating schools and healthcare units in their area.

Addressing the flood victims, PPP Member Provincial Assembly Saleem Khan who was also a chief guest, assured them that his party would do everything possible to provide them relief.

He also announced to establish a primary school and gave away Rs one million for reconstructing roads, Rs 0.5 million for rebuilding Paitasoon Mosque and Paitasoon Madressah respectively



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