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Prayer leader in Swat takes part in anti-polio campaign

The campaign commenced from Feb 15.

He has taken a vow to eradicate polio from Swat valley.

Prayer leader, Mufti Saifullah, not only administers polio drops to children, but also motivate their parents to not to abandon the practice in future.

He said the holy Quran preaches that saving life of one human being means saving the entire mankind. It is our religious duty not only to urge parents to inoculate their children, but also to take part in the drive personally.

He said he would be part of the anti-polio campaign until the disease was eliminated from Pakistan.

Mohammad Ghaffar, area supervisor of the campaign in Saidu Sharif said Mufti inoculated 236 children in the area on the day when anti-polio drive began.



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