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Remembering Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

This outstanding and the last great poet of Mughal Era spent a large part of his life in Delhi. That is the reason that Delhi loves Ghalib more and celebrates his birthday every year. The poet who led a drastic revolution in Urdu poetry by his writings was honored with the title of  “Dabir-ul-Mulk” and “Najm-ud-daula”by Last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar for his incorporation into the nobility of Delhi. He lived most of his life on the royal patronage of Royal Mughals and fame came to him posthumously.

Ghalib started writing and composing in Urdu at a very young age of 11 and he learnt Persian, philosophy and Arabic from a Iranian tourist who stayed at his place when he was in his teen. This how he excelled in Persian. This classical poet wrote poetry on his life and its journey one can feel the pain in his words which has made him the most influential poet of South Asia.

The journey of this legendary poet and a prolific prose writer was many times depicted on television and films to pay tribute to him. The most influential and eternal poet of Urdu died in Delhi on 15th February 1869. Dewan-e-Ghalib is the main collection of his poetical works and here are few poems from his famous collection.


“Hum-pesha-o-hum-mashrab-o-humraaz hai mera
Ghalib ko bura kyun kaho achha meray aage”

“Kaaba Kis Moun say Jao Gay Ghalib
Sharam Tum Ko Magar Nahi Ati”

Banakar fakeeron ka hum bheys ghalib,
Tamasha-e-ahl-e-karam dekhtey hain”

“Na thaa kuch to khuda thaa, kuch na hota to khuda hota
duboya mujhko hooney ney, na hota main, toh kya hota?”

“Agar apna kaha tum ap samjhe tou kia samjhe

Maza kehne ka jab ek kahey or dosra samjhey”



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