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Remembering the stalwart Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

One of the most famous politicians of the country, one of the most renowned world leader and the man with extraordinary qualities Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was born in Larkana Sindh in an influential Rajput family. The man who was aware of the political conditions of his region from an early age got education from University of Southern California (USC) where he even volunteered for Pakistani embassy in United States of America.

Bhutto was well aware of political scenario of newly born Pakistan and wanted to work for the development of his country even in his teen age. His enthusiasm gave him the ticket to President Iskander Mirza’s cabinet and he was made the youngest member of Pakistani delegation to United Nations.

The man who read books like William Sloan’s biography of Napoleon and the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx at a very early age became one of the most vocal leaders in United Nations.  His popularity made him an essential part of Ayub Khan’s government and there is no doubt that he was the man who built strong bonds of friendship with neighboring state China. His fallout with Ayub Khan gave birth to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on the political map of the country which later became the most popular national party.  The party that had the belief “Islam is our faith, democracy is our polity, socialism is our economy. All power to the people.”

ZAB was a Pakistani nationalist and socialist his concept brought Pakistan closer to socialist China and his stances gave a signal of thunder to west about the emergence of Asia as a strong region. Bhutto also made strong relations with Muslim states like Saudi Arabia and Indonesia as he believed in Muslim unity. He knew it well that the development of country was based on strong allies and that’s the reason that he formed new one.

Bhutto was charismatic no matter where he was standing he was always known as a stalwart. From tearing Untied Nation’s papers in Security Council to winning Indira Gandhi over Simla conference his steps were always applauded. The man who is known as the leader of the people and father of the nuclear weapon was executed on 4th April 1979. Bhutto’s execution made him a legend, even though he is no more today but the cult of Bhutto lives on.



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