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Renowned poet Aali turns 90 today

Renowned poet, critic and a civil servant Aali is among the assets of Pakistan. The man who was born on 20th January in Nawab Sir Amiruddin Ahmed Khan’s family migrated to Karachi on 13th August 1947 in the last train from Delhi with his wife and six months old daughter.

Aali was working on a post of an assistant at the Ministry of Commerce in British India. His patriotism can be seen in his actions when he left a stable job for Pakistan. After settling here in Karachi Aali cleared the CSS exam and joined civil services as an income tax officer in 1952.

The man who was a professional economist and civil servant had an immense love for Urdu literature. He is one of the founding member of Pakistan Writers Guild and also kept its general secretary post for a longtime. He initiated five literary awards during his tenure at PWG. Aali’s contribution to Urdu Literature is very vast but his true métier is poetry and prose in which you can find the reflection of his family traditions.  He was in search of knowledge and that is visible in his poems which portray unique, philosophical and scientific themes.

His poetry in patriotic songs is immortal, it gives you a feeling of patriotism and devotion.  ‘Mera Pegham Pakistan’ sang Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, ‘Ae Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawan’ by melody queen Noor Jehan, ‘Itne Badey Jeevan Sagar Main’ by Allan Faqir and ‘Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan’ by Shehnaz Begum ruled the chart-busters and are still sung by every Pakistani on national days that is the charisma of his writings. Aali has also been writing columns on contemporary issues and social awakening of Pakistani for 50 year.

This great poet received many awards for his remarkable contribution in Urdu Literature. He was honored with President’s pride of performance award in 1989 and he also received Hilil-e-Imtiaz which is the second highest civilian award for his contribution in Urdu literature and Kamal-e-Fun.

This eminent trendsetter Jamiluddin Aali is going through several health issues these days after the death of his wife with whom he had spent 70 years of his life.




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