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Renowned writer, columnist, critic Khushwant Singh passes away

NEW DELHI: Renowned writer, columnist, historian, critic and former member of the Indian parliament, Khushwant Singh passed away earlier today at an age of 99 years – ARY News reports.

Reckless journalist, writer, critic and historian Khushwant Singh opened his eyes in Haddali village of district Khushab, Punjab on February 2, 1915. After acquiring his early education from the same district, Singh went to the Government College Lahore and later passed his LLB from the Cambridge University, England.

Soon after that, he started legal practice in Lahore, yet he shifted to Delhi along with his family after the partition of the sub-continent. Khushwant served at diplomatic posts for a brief period in the Indian Foreign Ministry, yet he and his government job could not work together for a long time.

Singh started his journalistic career in 1951 and it was then his pen created some masterpieces like "History of Sikhs" and "Train to Pakistan". The number of books and novels written by Khushwant Singh counts up to 80. ‘The Hindustan Times’ and ‘Illustrated Weekly’ reached at the peak of their fame in a time when Singh was their editor, his columns were published in almost all of the magazines and newspapers of the world, that worth a mention.

He also entered into politics and remained a member of Indian Rajia Sabha from 1980-86. Meanwhile, the Golden Temple Incident also occurred, in protest of which Singh returned the highest civil award of India Padam Bhoshan, he was bestowed with earlier in recognition of his services.

This great man of wisdom breathed his last today at an age of 99 years and left millions of his fans amidst sobs, yet Singh will always remain alive in his writings.



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