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Reporter caught playing Pokemon Go during US State Dept briefing

As State Department spokesperson John Kirby was addressing a press conference and discussing global efforts to combat the terrorist threat, he was forced to double take when he saw a journalist playing Pokemon Go.

Mr Kirby says: ‘You’re playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren’t you?’

The surprised reporter replies: ‘I’m just keeping an eye on it.’

Like the pro he is, Mr Kirby immediately makes a seamless transition back to the small matter of the international fight against terrorism.


He says: ‘It’s an important reminder – we know this won’t be easy. We recognize it’s a challenge, and we’re clear-eyed about the work we still have to do.

‘This is why we convened this important ministerial and will continue to work with our coalition partners to defeat Daesh.’

But soon his thoughts were back to Pokemon.

‘Did you get one?’ he asks the same reporter, to which the journalist says: ‘No, the signal is not very good.’

Barely suppressing a smirk, Mr Kirby ends the odd encounter by sympathising with the player. ‘I’m sorry about that.’



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