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Reporters Without Borders condemns Faizullah’s prison term

Reporters Without Borders and the Freedom Network condemned such a severe penalty awarded to Faizullah Khan and inquired the Afghan authorities about the motives behind this rigorous jail term.

The Executive Director of the Freedom Network expressed his doubts about intelligence agencies to be behind the penalty awarded to the Pakistani reporter.

Officials and representatives of different media organizations also questioned that why Faizullah was presented before a military court in Afghanistan and demanded the international authorities to facilitate journalists in visa system.

ARY News’ reporter, Faizullah Khan was arrested by Afghan security agencies in April this year, after he had mistakenly crossed the Pak-Afghan border and entered into Afghanistan, in the line of pursuing his professional responsibilities.

An Afghan court in Nangarhar province sentenced him to serve four years of rigorous imprisonment on July 14, for not possessing travel documents, the court however rejected spying allegations against the journalist.



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