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Resham’s next film is based on the 1971 war

The film was given a limited release and made just one million rupees on the box office. However, this will not stop her and Resham is now getting ready for her next film.

The new film revolves around the 1971 war which led to the independence of Bangladesh and the lives of people in the two parts of the country.

It is interesting to note that the film will be funded by the ISPR. Thus, it is expected that the film will be loaded with nationalism and patriotism.

This also means that there will be no controversy as the 1971 war remains a sensitive issues even after four decades.

The media wing of the military ISPR has previously funded television projects such as Sunehray Din and Alpha Bravo Charlie and recent films like Shahpar and Waar.

As yet not much is known of the untitled film including the cast and crew but it is expected that the war-oriented action drama film will be released later this year as the shoot has been complete.

Resham has said that she plays the character of an empowered woman who goes through obstacles in life due to the political and social insatiability.



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