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Residents of Balochistan are being robbed the most: Imran

QUETTA: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Friday said rights of the residents of Balochistan were being robbed the most in Pakistan, ARY News reported.

“You will have to step out to demand your rights. The government has been robbing you of your money. Balochistan’s former finance secretary embezzled Rs2.5 billion out of public funds while he was just a government servant,” he said addressing a public rally in Quetta.

He said he was told that there was dangerous to go to Balochistan, but he rejected that notion and came to the capital city of the province.

The PTI chief said those countries which had resources became one of the richest, while Pakistan despite being rich in resources was a poor country.

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He said Hindustan (before partition) was the richest country of the world, then the English made East India Company and captured Hindustan through Bengal.

“Consequently, Bengal became the poorest country and Britain became the richest, because East India Company would send back the money earned in this region,” he said.

Imran said the same practice was being done by Sharif companies. They were also sending money out of Pakistan. He said the rulers were looting your money.

“If the money looted through corruption and sent out of Pakistan is used in the country, the fortune of the nation would have changed for better,” he said.

He said when people become prosperous they themselves build metro buses and roads.



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