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Residents ‘ecstatic’ after MQM office razed in Karachi Lines Area

The areas said that the environment of fear and apprehension has been removed from the area, and the residents appeared in a celebratory mood.

“Altaf Hussain raised slogans against Pakistan, every sector and unit of the party should be demolished,” said a resident speaking to ARY News. He said that the MQM had created an environment of fear, and used to brandish guns regularly to impose their dominance.

He revealed that that they also established an illegal torture cell where those who defied them very locked up and even thrashed mercilessly. However, now they will be relieved from them.

Another resident said that the razing of the sector officer will provide relief to them. Previously, there were frequent strikes and the area residents from harassed from peforming their duties.

He has personally witnessed a poor vegetable seller beaten and his stall destroyed. He said that now there will be only one slogan now and that will be the slogan of Pakistan.

Earlier, the unit office of the MQM was razed in Lines Area under the supervison of the Assistant Commissioner and in the presence of Police.

However, there were skirmishes witnessed as oportunistic residents decide to loot the belongings of unit office, but faced resistance from party workers who were trying to protect them. However, they were quickly dispersed.

It is pertinent to mention here that Lines Area is considered one the strongholds of the MQM which has never lost any election from the area. Over 42 offices have been demolished and more than 196 sealed across Sindh after a crackdown was launched against the party.

Public opens up about MQM atrocities as Lines… by arynews



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