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"Half hour enough if PTI wants resolution of dispute," says Dar

Addressing a press conference here, Dar told that PTI has objected over three points of the agenda. He informed that recommendations for five electoral rules had been finalized after consultations with the PTI.

Speaking about the economy, Dar said that reduction in crude oil price in the international market has resulted mixed reaction comprising upsides and downsides effects on the economy of Pakistan.

“Although the import bill was reduced with the reduction in oil prices but taxes were also decreased in its wake”, he told. “Privatization of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) was also halted due to the same reason.”

The finance minister told that an increase in fiscal deficit is expected due to terrorism in the state and natural calamities, yet we will try to keep this deficit under control.

He added that Pakistan has been included in the World Bank program after its foreign reserves crossed $ 15 billion.

Dar told that he is hopeful to get funds from donor countries, but the government would not plead anyone.

Moreover, he expressed his hopes to achieve the targeted growth-rate for the current fiscal year.



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