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Resolution submitted in PA demands expulsion of Indian ambassador

The resolution has demanded to expel Indian ambassador to Pakistan in protest from the country and also the federal government to expedite diplomatic efforts for resolution of Kashmir issue.

The resolution was submitted by Pakistan People’s Party MPA Faiza Malik. 40 Kashmiris have been martyred, 1500 injured and 92 blinded. The resolution said the Indian ambassador should be expelled in protest on this issue.

Faiza Malik said the measures taken by the federal government were insufficient. The government should expedite diplomatic efforts to resolve Kashmir issue. Furthermore, the resolution also expressed solidarity and sorrow with the families of martyred and injured Kashmiri citizens.

This should be noted that even after seven days of deadly clashes between Indian troops and protesters, life could not be restored in India-held Kashmir.

Fearing more protests after Friday prayers today, Indian security personnel have imposed curfew in parts of the troubled valley.

Meanwhile, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) government is observing a ‘Black Day’ in their side of Kashmir against the violation of human rights and killing of more than 40 civilians by the Indian security personnel on the other side.



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