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‘Restructuring of PIA to make it profitable’

KARACHI: Advisor to Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan on Thursday said the restructuring of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has been initiated in the airline to make it profitable once again.

The PIA Board of Directors has given the approval of making national airline in accordance with the international models of air lines.

PIA has issued a notification according to which chief officers are to head different departments of PIA in place of directors who will directly report to chief executive of PIA. According to the notification, these directives are to be implemented with immediate effect.

Following the models of successful air lines of all over the world, PIA Board of Directors has approved the notification of restructuring by agreeing that National Airlines must be streamlined on modern professional styles.

It requires the appointment of PIA chief officer in place, appointment of directors as heads of different areas, while adopting commercial trends of modern age. As per the notification, chief operating officer, chief technical officer, chief financial officer, chief human resources officer, chief corporate development officer, chief information officer, chief officer / general manager safety and quality assurance and general manager procurement & logistics chief executive will be the heads of their respective sectors who will report to chief executive officer.


Sardar Mehtab thanked the office bearers of PIA associations for their support in the efforts for the revival of PIA.

He hoped that a restructuring and overhauling of the national institution will steer it out of the financial crisis it faces and as well as flight operations will also be improved so that it may progress in future and that passengers are provided with best services.

The advisor to PM said that the main objective of administrative reforms was to transform this airline into a successful airline according to the vision of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif.

“This vision will be realized by diligent, active and through the formation of responsible management and we want to transform PIA purely on commercial and professional basis,” he said.

He  hoped that  due to restructuring the deficit of PIA , deterioration and crises will be tackled soon and by restructuring flights operations as well as safety, standards will be improved  which will pave the path of PIA to become a profit earning  organization once again.



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