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REVIEW: ‘Allahyar & Legend of Markhor’ is a treat to watch

‘Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’ has been released countrywide with a bang today. It is a story of love, brotherhood, sacrifice and compassion against evil. The heavenly animated movie is packed with adventure, emotions and precisely inducted humor.

This latest animation treat by ARY Films and 3rd World Studios has been beautifully intertwined with everyday life lessons and entertainment side by side which makes it a must watch for kids and grown ups alike.

The high-tech animation has been exploited to present mesmerizing snow-covered mountains, green plateaus and other mind-boggling scenic locations just similar to northern areas of our country.

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The beautiful story will put you on the edge of your seat throughout the extent of the movie.

Writer, producer and director Uzair Zaheer Khan deserves much applause for the art he has presented in the form of Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor, which will be remembered for upbringing of our film industry for many years to come. Voice over actors have also played their due role equivalently tremendous.

Characters                                         Voice Over 

Allahyar  (lead character)                                  Anum Zaidi

Mehru (young Markhor)                                   Natasha Humera Ajaz

Hero (chakoor)                                                    Azfar Jafri

Chakku (little snow leopard)                           Abdul Nabi Jamali

Mani (evil hunter)                                              Ali Noor

The rest of the voice-overs are done by celebrities including Ali Rehman Khan, Hareem Farooq, Arshad Mehmood, Nadia Jamil, Amjad Chaudhry, Arieb Azhar and Ahmed Ali.


The story revolves around the hero, Allahyar and his animal companions, the adorable little Markhor, Mehru, a funny and kind of playboy chakoor, Hero and, a snow leopard, Chakku.

Entry of all the characters is made in a befitting manner with detailed scenic visuals.

Father of Allahyar, who is a ranger, loses his life while protecting a Markhor (Mehru) from poachers. The hero is abducted by the same hunters, but he however manages to escape with Mehru and later on he realises that God has bestowed upon him the supernatural power to speak with animals.

The hunters are after family of the Markhor and she seeks Allahyar’s help to save her clan. They are joined by Hero and Chakku, whose parents have also been killed by hunters.

They gather courage and strength to embark on a journey to fight the evil hunter Mani and save the endangered species.

The animated flick also features a couple of catchy songs.

In a nutshell, the visuals, cinematography, direction and sound effects are no less than a miraculous work.


CEO ARY Digital Network Jerjees Seja said, “Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor is the best locally produced animated movie in Pakistan so far, and we are thrilled to be associated with it. It has a strong theme, fun and laughter as well as catchy music that makes it a perfect movie for adults and children alike.”

Managing Director and CEO of English Bicuit Manufacturers (EBM) Dr Zeelaf Munir said, “We are proud to be the official sponsors of the movie that has such a powerful narrative that depicts the importance of wild life conservation, a cause EBM has always believed in an supported.”

Head of Marketing of EBM Ayesha Janjua said, “Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor is not only a visual treat, but also has a meaningful story-line and a strong lesson for children and adults alike. We are sure the audiences would be able to connect to the movie.”

“It was a surreal feeling to see the audience’s live reaction to the movie at the premiere which has taken us 1.5 years to conceptualise the produce. The credit goes to our entire cast and crew who have worked tirelessly to make Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor possible,” stated Uzair Zaheer Khan, the CEO of 3rd World Studios.



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