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PM House, key buildings occupied by PAT workers: Dr Qadri

Emerging from his container near the Pak Secretariat where protesters reached after running through the security layer, he said Prime Minister House had been occupied by his workers and said no ruler could now enter the PM House.

He appealed people to come out of their homes and join the protest.

He said the police had left their check-posts and fled from the scene. Dr Qadri said the government representatives did not believe in constitution and rule of law. He said all of his workers had occupied major buildings in the capital.

The protesters also entered the building of Pakistan Television.

Dr. Qadri, however, asked his workers to demonstrate patience and stay calm.

The PAT chief castigated rulers for plunging the country into huge debt. He said revolution was now imminent and the corruption will be wiped out of the country.

“The leaders will dig their own graves if more force is used against the peaceful protesters,” he warned.

Dr. Qadri said one could not find an example of a peaceful protest like this one. None of the protesters pelted a parliament building with stone, he added.

“In the negotiation process, the first demand was registration of Model Town incident FIR, however the government refused it.”

He said the incumbent rulers did not want to resolve crisis through peace. They don’t believe in supremacy of constitution, instead they are plundering national wealth. He lamented the PML-N government for refusing to resort peaceful approach in resolution of the crisis.




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